Feedback from Students about Teaching


For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

  • The entire syllabus is completed in time:*

  • The teachers are punctual and regular in taking lectures and practicals:*

  • The teachers come well prepared for the class:*

  • The teachers encourage participation and discussion in class:*

  • The teachers’ attitude towards the students is friendly & helpful:*

  • Modern teaching aids, power point presentations, web-resources, etc. are used by the teachers while teaching:*

  • The teachers are available and accessible in the Department after lecture timings:*

  • Periodical assessments are conducted as per schedule:*

  • Attendance record of the students is maintained by the teachers:*

  • Regular and timely feedback is given on our performance:*

  • The evaluation process is fair and unbiased:*

  • The teachers guide the students for overall personality development of the students:*

  • Course*

  • Academic Year*

  • Suggestions if any