• Mahabhondla - Cultural Activity

  • Convocation Ceremony

  • State Level Elocation Competition

  • Vyakhyanmala- Social Work

  • Fun-fair - Cultural Activity

  • Science Exhibition

  • MatdarNav Nondani Abhiyan

  • Sahitiyak

  • Tree Plantation

  • NAAM Foundation - Social Awarness

An alumni association is an association of graduates or, more broadly, of former students .It is our great pleasure to tell you that If you are an ex-student of our college, you are requested to be in touch with us through the Alumni Association of our college. All you have to do is fill in the online alumni form and submit it.

Alumni Committee
Registration No. - MH/150/2017/Pune
Mr.Rupesh D. Gole President
Jyoti V. Matkar Vice President
Mr.Tejas Waghulde Secretary
Mr. Pushkraj Kulkarni Treasurer
Mr.Sidhrath Dongre Member
Mr.Rohan chuttar Member
Ms.Sonali Sakhare Member
Ms. Sayali Chaskar Member
Mr. Mohnish Jain Member
Mr. Mahesh Bhor Member
Mr. Mangesh Gawai Member

Alumni Registration Form
Alumni Feedbak Form