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Nirbhay Kanya Abhiyan

This is a scheme introduced by the University to develop the confidence and personality of a lady student who comes from the rural areas and are deprived sections of society. The marginalization and deprivation is double if you are a woman and from the backward or scheduled castes. The main objective of this scheme is to develop a critical mind, self-confidence and a commitment to society. The lady students are given training in health, law, and social activities. They are also given training in self-employment and all possible other activities that enhance her social confidence. This scheme is open to all regular lady students from all the affiliated colleges / institutes. Funds for organizing these activities are provided by the University.

Out of the 6 lakhs students enrolled for different courses at the University there are over 1.5 lakh lady students out of which a majority of them come from rural based background. These student have to travel daily by bus or other means of transport to attend their respective college / institutes. It is very likely that these lady students during their travel may experience all sorts of atrocities in a challenging environment, which prevails today. In order to make them face the prevailing situation and develop self-confidence to face courageously these situations the scheme has been introduced.

All colleges / institutes interested in organizing this activity are to apply to the Director, Board of Students welfare before 15th September every year and after the sanction is given the activity be started. Names of selected candidates should be submitted through proper channel. The concerned college / institutes have to organize seminars, camps / workshops to fulfill the objectives of the scheme. At the end of the year all necessary papers are to be submitted to the central audit scheme after which necessary payments are made. Financial assistance of Rs.15, 000/- is given for the same by the University. The main objectives of this scheme includes development of self confidence how to defend one self in any situation, training in self defense and finally make them fearless and be ready to face any unwanted situation. The scheme is open to all lady students in all colleges and institutes. The university makes available requisite funds for undertaking this activity.

In the above scheme students from about 8 to 10 colleges / institutes that are proximately and geographically near each other are requested to form a group and out of these one college is selected by the Director, Board of Students' Welfare who will be responsible to organize this one day activity. The selected college should send the proposal to the university office on or before 15th September every year. The colleges / institutes so selected to form a group should select a total of 10 lady students by inviting applications and then forward them to the organizing college who in turn will forward the combined list to the university. The organizing college should then send a detailed program in respect of the activity to the Director, Board of Students' Welfare. After the activity has been organized the organizing college should send a detailed report of the same to the Director, Board of Students' Welfare. All papers as are prescribed in the circular with regard to the activity along with all papers in connection with the financial expenditure should be made available at the time of the central audit after which the necessary payment will be made to the concerned college which organizes the activity. An amount of Rs. 15,000/- is made available to the organizing college.