Good student discipline is customary in the campus of RJSPM’s ACS college. We believe that discipline is essential to prepare that our student to be useful and important citizen of their countries, useful member of their societies and eminent leaders of the future. Several measures are important to achieve this aim , a few are mentioned below.

    Faculty mentorship

    A faculty is assigned to every student as a minor. The mentor acts as defector guardian for thestudent providing guidance and mentorship in both academic as well as individual based needs of the student . The mentor /class teachers will also in corresponding with parents and guardian of the respective student .

    Anti ragging policy

    Ragging in all its forms is totally banned in the institution , in all its premises whether located within the campus or outside and all means of transportation. The institution take strict action for offence of ragging.

    Punishment of ragging

  • Suspension from attending classes

  • Cancellation of admission

  • Withdrawing scholarship

  • Debarring from appearing in the examination etc.

  • Compulsory attendance

  • Attendance in classes as per university norms is strictly enforced.

  • Student are not expected to go out of the college during their class hours.

  • Student must have the attendance percentage of 75 and above in order to be eligible to appear in examination.

  • Summation of medical certificate is compulsory who has shortage in attendance.

  • Campus norms

  • Be polite to your professors

  • It is important that students are respectful towards instructors & fellow classmates.

  • Any act within the campus that may violet or spoil the academic atmosphere in the college will not be appreciated& the students found guilty of such offence will be dismissed.

  • The college conduct regulation includes such areas as :

    Plagiarism , cheating on exams , other dishonesty, abuse of electronic resources, acts or threats involving the safety of others, damaging property.

    sexual or others harassment, abuse of alcohol or illicit drugs, ragging.

  • Student are expected to conduct themselves in good manner in their dressing and sense ofdiscipline .

  • Student are expected to be seated in their respective classroom during class hours.

  • Dress code:

  • Boys are expected in full pants and clean shirts. Girls are expected in formal and decent attire.

  • Student must always carry/wear their college identify card and id card must be display at college gate and whenever asked for .

  • Code of conduct in campus include

  • Safeguarding the institutional property , keeping the campus clean and tidy and dressing properly .

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.

  • Defacing any part of the campus is treated as an offence.

  • Use of mobile / cell phones is prohibited in the classroom.

  • Students are expected to make use of library services during free hours.

  • Limited parking space is provided for students & staff & the same can be utilized on ‘first come first’ basis .

  • The college management is not responsible for safety vehicles in the premises.

  • Important notices / notifications / circulars etc displayed at separately allocated notice boards & information corners on the campus , students are expected to make it a practice to regularly read such displayed information.

  • All visitors are expected to establish their identity & purpose of visit upon entry to the campus premises.

  • Academic assignments, tests & term examination:

  • University academic sessions starts as per schedule , exams are conducted as per timetable & results are announced in time.

  • In addition, internal exams are also conducted as per the schedule drawn at the beginning of the session.

  • Assignments should be submitted in all subjects as per the instructions given by the respective departments.

  • Examinations conducted by the college are compulsory for all students. A minimum of 40 % marks should be scored in mid – semester & term –end examinations.

  • Expected Student Behaviors

    In the college all students are expected to:

  • Engage in learning activities and take the college work seriously.

  • Take responsibility for their ownbehavior.

  • Be courteous.

  • Respect the personal, civil, and property rights of others.

  • Attend the college regularly, on time, and prepared to learn.

  • Complete assignments on time.

  • Seek alternatives to verbal or physical conflicts.

  • Speak appropriately.

  • Dress appropriately.

  • Exhibit self-control.

  • Cooperate with others.

  • Behave ethically.