Infrastructure & ICT Facilities

    Libery Website:

    The College library is well equipped with a large number of text books, reference books, periodicals, journals and

    newspapers. The number of books in the library is at present, about 18,438 books. The Library receives 30

    periodicals/journals. The Library has computerized its activities by using Vriddhi 2.0 Software. The Circulation of books

    is online and the library is uses barcode system for fast service.

    Library is a member of N-List Programme of UGC, INFLIBNET Centre Ahmedabad. And also member of National

    Digital Library ( NDL), which is developed by IIT Kharagpur. The college library had taken the institutional membership

    from British Council Library, SPPU Jaykar Library And Dhananjayrao Gadgil Library of Gokhle Instititue. The Library

    Displays New Arrivals. The Library has started new sections such as Competitive Examination, NET/SET Examination.

    The college Library consist of study or Reading Hall, Internet Browsing Centre, Open Access Periodical and Reference

    Section. Students get two books at a time for a week and for PG students there is no limit to the number of books

    issued.Students can exchange books as many times as they want. Books are issued during vacation.

    Services Offered

    • Reference and Referral Service

    • Home Lending service to all the students

    • Photocopying Service

    • News Paper Clippings Service

    • Question papers and Syllabus Consultation facility

    • Internet browsing facility with NLIST & NDL Access

    Library Advisory Committee

    The committee constitutes of Principal as a Chairman:Dr. Gautam L. Bhong

    Librarian as secretary: MS. Varsha J. Paratwagh

    And all the Heads of the Departments and Registrar as committee members.

    Library Staff

    1) Head of the Library: College Librarian : MS. Varsha J. Paratwagh ( B.A. MLIS. NET )

    2) Assistant Librarian : Mr. Arjun N. Hinge ( B.A. MLIS )

    3) Library Clerk : Mrs. Suvarna S. Kaduskar ( B.A. LTC )

    4) Library Attendant : Suresh S. Dalvi

    The Library has started Free Distribution counter where old syllabus books is distributed to the students and teachers

    free of cost. Our goal throughout has been to strive for excellence and each day we take a step forward in time

    and near our goal. Library has provides best services to its stakeholders. Library is open Monday to Saturday 9.30 a.m.

    to 5.30 p.m.