Feedback from Students about College


For each item please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements by selecting appropriate option.

  • The office staff in the college is cooperative and helpful:*

  • The library staff is cooperative and helpful:*

  • Online educational resources are available and accessible in the library:*

  • Internet facility provided in the Library is satisfactory:*

  • The prescribed books / reading materials are available in the library:*

  • Equipment in the lab(s) is in good working condition:*

  • Results are displayed by the college:*

  • The classrooms are clean and well maintained:*

  • The campus is green and eco-friendly:*

  • Clean drinking water is available in the college campus:*

  • The buildings / classrooms are accessible to disabled persons:*

  • Our grievances are redressed / problems are solved well in time:*

  • The functioning of the placement cell in the college is satisfactory:*

  • Course*

  • Academic Year*

  • Suggestions if any